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Natural Henna Powder

Natural Henna Powder

Indigo Powder

Indigo Powder

Amla Powder

Amla Powder

Natural Henna Powder

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Pure BAQ organic henna powder from the region of Rajasthan, India. No additives, very fine sift.

100% Lawsonia Inermis.

Natural henna will colour hair in reddish hues; the exact result to be determined by the hair's natural colour and individuality, any dyes previously used, the amount of white hairs (if present), and the particular recipe followed. When combined with other herbs, such as indigo, cassia, and amla, it is a base for achieving brown/black hair colour, or a subtle hue and slight colour warming. Apart from dying hair, pure henna has strengthening and conditioning properties; it will add shine and volume, and is beneficial in cases of dandruff and other scalp issues.

How to use

Mix henna with warm water to achieve a thin paste consistency; cover and leave for dye release (usually 3-8 hours). Divide hair into sections and apply evenly and thoroughly; cover hair with plastic wrap and towel. Wash out after 2-8 hours.

For quicker dye release, as well as to achieve slightly cooler hues and less orange-red in your henndigo mixes, add 2-3 tbsp amla to henna.

Amount needed (adjust for hair thickness):

50-100g: short hair & root touch-ups

100-150g: hair about & slightly below shoulder length

200+g: longer hair

This recipe will colour light hair a bright orange-red; brown hair will turn a darker red; black hair will have a slight reddish hue in the sun. You could also dilute henna for subtle colour changes: use 2 tbsp henna, mix and leave for dye release. Add cassia, yogurt or hair conditioner, apply and leave on hair for 30-60 minutes. This will colour light hair a strawberry bonde; brown hair - a warm brown, and darker hair with no colour change.

For brown and black, mix with indigo powder.

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