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Khadi Vitalising Hair Oil 210 ml

  • Code: Kh004
  • Manufacturer: Khadi
  • Weight: 0.100 Kgs
Price: 21.95лв.
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Khadi Hair Growth oil is a must for long, lustrous, beautiful hair & to prevent hair loss. Oil treatments prevent dryness of scalp & deep condition hair to prevent split ends & brittle hair. If your scalp tends to heat up you will experience hair loss & thinning in the long run. Also if your hair is frizzy or curly then you are most vulnerable to hair loss.

Regular oil massage with Khadi Hair Growth oil will prevent premature hair loss & deep condition to avoid split ends & breakage.


Take at least 5-10 ml of hair oil and massage all over scalp gently in small rotating movements. Also apply oil on the entire length of hair. You can also do a hot towel treatment. Soak a towel in warm water, squeeze out the water and wrap you head. The steam will help the oil reach hair roots better. You can leave on the oil overnight or wash off after an hour.
For those suffering severe hair fall, a daily gently massage with a few drops of Khadi Hair Growth oil is a must. Use a gentle shampoo to wash hair at least thrice a week.

This product has been certified by BDIH

Khadi herbal hair growth oil is made with Palash to stimulate thick hair growth. Coconut oil keeps the scalp cool preventing hair loss.
Bhringaraj & Brahmi nourish hair roots. Indrayan enhances hair growth.
Fenugreek prevents dandruff, hair fall & scalp infections. Bala strengthens hair roots and gives vitality.
Ratan Jyot helps maintain hair colour. Carrot seed oil provides nutrients. Rosemary has traditionally been used to promote hair growth & keep the scalp free of any infections.
Castor & Sesame oil deep condition hair along with an exotic mix of other herbs.


Sesamum Indicum oil, Cocos Nucifera oil, Ricinus Communis oil, Eclipta Alba, Bacopa Monniera, Citrullus Colocynthis, Rosmarinus Officinalis, Daucus Carota oil, Sida cordifolia, Butea Monosperma, Abrus precatorios, Vinca rosea.

210 ml

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