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Sandalwood Essential Oil 2.5ml

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  • Manufacturer: Kobashi
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LATIN NAME: Santalum album
SOURCE: Steam distilled wood
COLOUR:Clear, light amber

ORIGIN: Mysore Karnataka (India) wood.

AROMA: Rich, soft, smooth-woody-musky sweet and tenacious and a is an excellent quality Sandalwood.

QUALITIES: often burnt as an aid to meditation. Creates an exotic atmosphere, excellent for skin care, especially when dry or sensitive, add to moisturiser for treating 'barbers rash'. Useful for dry or damaged hair and as a body fragrance it is appealing to both men and women, in India it is often combined with rose absolute to make the famous perfume aytar. It has long been used in India in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Try adding to a carrier oil and massaging throat to relive laryngitis, dry coughs and sore throat. Antiseptic, soothing with aphrodisiac properties. Has an affiliation with the urinary tract and is helpful in treating any problems in this area.

Organic: no pesticides or herbicides used. Harvested from wild grown trees under a government forest protection scheme. Sandalwood is a base note which initially is not strong but develops once applied to the skin. Not to be confused with the cheaper West Indian or Australian sandalwood.

Used as A fixative, it blends well with the Roses, Holeaf, Lavender, Clove , Black pepper, Bergamot, Vetiver, Patchouli, Myrrh and Jasmin.

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