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Oregano Essential Oil 5ml

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  • Manufacturer: Kobashi
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This is PURE Oregano oil and MUST diluted to 0.5% in 99.5% carrier.

Mediterranean type

The name means "Joy of the Mountains"

LATIN NAME: Origanum vulgare.

SOURCE: Steamed distilled from flowering herb.
COLOUR: Clear light yellow
ORIGIN: Bulgaria.
AROMA: Herby, warm, woody, slightly camphor like, characteristic of the fresh herb.

QUALITIES: Caution: this oil must be well diluted,(less than 0.5% i.e 1 drop in 10ml of carrier) it is not to be confused with many 'oregano' oils currently being sold, these are invariably greatly diluted. Must be well diluted as it is a strong skin irritant. Traditionally grown as a medicinal herb for centuries.

A member of the Laiaceae family, a hardy, bushy perennial up to ninety centimetres high, woody stem and dark green oval leaves and clusters of whitish/purple flowers. Native to Europe cultivated world wide, but mainly in Eastern Europe.

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