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Palmarosa Essential Oil 5ml

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  • Manufacturer: Kobashi
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LATIN NAME: Cymbopogon martinii - AKA 'Indian geranium oil'.
SOURCE: Steamed distilled from the grass.
COLOUR: Clear yellow tint.
ORIGIN: Comores.
AROMA: sweet and floral, rose and geranium like with herbal, green tea notes.

QUALITIES: Excellent skin care oil, indicated for acne, dermatitis and minor skin infections. Helps to regulate the production of sebum and moisturise the skin. Ideal during difficult times and for helping with nervous exhaustion and stress related conditions. Great to vaporise as it is a very powerful, wide spectrum bactericide. We use neat palmarosa (a few drops) on a cloth to wipe around kitchen surfaces to kill germs, as it is particularly active against various bacteria responsible for intestinal infections. Palmarosa is often used to extend (adulterate) the costly rose oil. Organic: no pesticides or herbicides used.

Blends well with Cedarwood, Geranium, Ho leaf, Sandalwood and the Floral oils.

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