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Mandarin Essential Oil 5ml

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  • Manufacturer: Kobashi
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LATIN NAME: Citrus reticulata.
SOURCE: CP: Cold expression from fruit peel.
COLOUR: Reddish
ORIGIN: Calabria
AROMA: Fresh, clean, full sweet and fruity characteristic of fresh fruit.

QUALITIES: Known to have a gentle, soothing action, known as the child's remedy also suitable for the very fragile. Try mixing with chamomile or lavender and adding to bath base for a soothing, sleep inducing bath for fretful infants [if using on a baby or child under one year only use one drop of each oil- diluted in a carrier]. Add to massage oil to help prevent stretch marks. Try a few drops in the bath to help combat nervous tension and encourage sleep. It is also helpful to use with an Aroma stone or Aroma stream.
Caution: Do not use in the sun or under ultraviolet rays , as this oil is photo toxic: absorbs sunlight. Not a problem when used in shampoo or soap as most is washed away.

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