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Natural Henna Powder

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Indigo Powder

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Amla Powder

Neem Powder

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Neem powder balances sebum; reduces flaking & itching; prevents fungal build up; beneficial in cases of dandruff, scalp infection and skin irritation. Can be added to your herbal hair mixes, as well as used in face packs.

Ingredients(INCI): Azadirachta Indica

How to use

- For skin: mix neem powder with other herbs if required - such as orange peel powder, amla, neem, manjistha, rose powder; add warm water, stir well and leave aside for several minutes. Apply to face while avoiding the under eye area. After 15-20 minutes rinse with water.
For additional benefit mix the herbs with rose water (for every skin type); aloe vera juice, milk or honey (for dry skin); diluted lemon juice (for oily skin).
- For hair: mix neem with water to make a paste and apply to scalp. Cover with shower cap and wash hair after 30 minutes. You could also add neem to your herbal hair wash mix, as well as henna/indigo powders.

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